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    Scholarships: Edith Lobue and Helen Johnson Cremeens

    Due to the Pandemic the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association (BRDNA) postponed our  31st Annual Celebrate Nursing Banquet for the district.  This commemorative event has tentatively been rescheduled for  Monday, September 14, 2020, at Boudreaux’s Reception Hall, 2647 Government Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806. The following scholarship awards are a part of our annual celebration: The Read More

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    Baton Rouge Free Clinic – Community Engagement

    As we continue to celebrate Professional Nurse Month, the BRDNA would like to thank Cynthia Prestholdt, Valerie Schluter and Sandra Robinson as well as the many other nurses who volunteer their time at the Free Clinic.

    Registered nurses from the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association enthusiastically supported the annual Baton Rouge Free Clinic. The 2019 Free Clinic, formerly known as the Mission of Mercy, was held on March 15 and 16 near the Baton Rouge Airport. Volunteer registered nurses and students from the disciplines of nursing, physician assisting, and family nurse practitioner provided health screening to over 985 Louisiana residents prior to receiving much needed dental procedures, vision, and medical care.

    Residents of Louisiana seeking care began arriving as early as 2:00 am and waited in long lines to register for services. Over two days, the dental clinic served 381 residents with dental cleaning, fillings, and tooth extractions. Vision exams and prescriptions for glasses were provided for 321 residents. The medical clinic provided services to 292 residents. Residents waited up to ten hours to access the clinic and many would not have been able to receive services without the care provided by registered nurses and students in health careers programs in Baton Rouge.